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About Audacious

My name is Ifedeyi Ola-Shodunke and I am the founder of Audacious

For fourteen years I worked in different organizations, and for all those years it was a struggle to get stylish, exciting and well-priced outfits on a consistent basis.

And thus begin my search for a solution to this problem.

During my travels I came across and fell in love with most of the brands we represent.

The style, cut and fit are simply amazing. And the pricing to me was delightful. The perfect combination!

What you see today is the fruit of the struggle of a young woman determined to bring a simple idea to light. The idea that the Nigerian woman deserves stylish, well-made clothing, and she deserves to have this at a delightful price point.

I audaciously bring to you, the style of all the brands we represent.


I promise you will enjoy the experience; I know I do

Ifedeyi Ola-Shodunke
Founder and CEO